The Data That Drives Relationships


The Data That Drives Relationships


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In a connected world, strategy is the intersection of communications and data science. Silmaril provides analysis and practical solutions based on a deep knowledge of communications, marketing, strategy, AI and advanced analytics. We apply these new models to reputation management, investor relations and strategic management of communication, brand and relationships.

The data that drives relationships.

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Alex Sévigny

Alex Sévigny, PhD, APR

Alex has worked is associate professor of communications management at McMaster University, where is director of the MCM program, Canada’s premier master’s degree for communicators and creative professionals. He is also Chief National Examiner for the Canadian Public Relations Society’s Accreditation in Public Relations program. At McMaster, he runs a research lab focused on quantifying reputation, relationships and media content with the aim of building metrics and analytics for the communications professions. He with significant experience in strategic communications management in politics, tech, and all levels of government. He has an emerging interest in quantifying the reputations of highly public individuals, such as high profile athletes, celebrities, politicians and influencers. He has been an active consultant since 2003 for a select clientèle. His work combines quantification with deep strategic intuition to craft strategy.



Brady Wood, MA, MCM

Brady has over 15 years experience as a senior executive and a management consultant in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. He is driven by a passion for developing and implementing results-oriented strategy, and for tackling challenging communications issues.  His expertise extends beyond communications leadership to corporate operations and growth methods, internal communications, crisis communications, and large-scale community engagement via certification by the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2).



Strategic Communications

Building plans based on data and best practices to reach your audiences effectively and yield valuable strategic insights.

Marketing Management

Bespoke tools for developing and managing marketing initiatives focused on conversion rates and analytics to tell you more about your buyers and audiences.

Reputation Management + Crisis Communications

Establishing a strong positive reputation, and responding to crisis with best practices from emerging studies.

Government Communications

Data-driven methods to help your government build relationships, launch highly targeted successful services and increase interest and visibility for your municipality or provincial/federal department.

Community Engagement

Public consultation frameworks by experts certified in IAP2. Building engagement and the strong relationships that will enhance your bottom line, increase your reputation and drive shareholder value.

Advanced Analytics, AI, Predictive Models

KPIs, benchmarks and goals that are designed to add value rather than just count outputs. Natural language processing tools to help you find value in data you might have not even known you have. Leveraging AI for your organization.

Creative (Graphic, Web, Video)

Designing custom creative based on data-driven analysis of your audiences and influencers via our network of creative professionals.

Influencer Branding and Reputation Management

Providing growth methodologies for influencers. Understanding audience via data and creating more value by honing messaging to leverage your audiences for your sponsors, advertisers and partners.

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